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Project Management and Quality Assurance

The foundation of “Design Together” lies in meticulous project management and a commitment to quality. Our first work package, dedicated to project management, QA, and evaluation, spans the entire project timeline, ensuring that all activities are executed efficiently and effectively. This package includes:

  • Setting up a robust project management framework.
  • Ensuring smooth coordination and communication among partners.
  • Implementing a comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan to maintain the project’s standards.
  • Regular monitoring and evaluation to adapt and refine strategies as needed.

Curriculum Development and Training

At the core of our project are activities focused on curriculum development and the enhancement of training methodologies. These include:

  • Conducting analyses to identify gaps in current VET curricula in relation to market needs.
  • Developing a Master Model for the design and update of training curricula, ensuring they are aligned with labor market demands and digital advancements.
  • Designing an upskilling training package for VET staff and trainers, empowering them to innovate and adapt curricula effectively.

Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer

“Design Together” is committed to building capacities and facilitating knowledge exchange between European and African VET providers. Key activities include:

  • Organizing mobility flows and study visits to foster exchange of best practices and collaborative learning.
  • Training the trainers through blended learning activities, enabling them to become ambassadors for curriculum innovation within their organizations.
  • Assessing, revising, and piloting selected curricula to ensure they meet the evolving needs of learners and employers.

Dissemination and Exploitation

To maximize the project’s impact, a dedicated work package focuses on disseminating results and exploiting the project’s outcomes. Activities encompass:

  • Creating a project website to serve as a central information hub.
  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive dissemination and exploitation strategy to reach a wide audience, including VET providers, policymakers, and stakeholders.

Organizing info days, workshops, and a final conference to share insights, results, and best practices with the VET community and beyond.