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Fostering Educator Skills and Competences

Our primary aim is to enhance the capabilities of VET tutors and educators in curricula design, ensuring alignment with both learners’ needs and labor market demands. This initiative acknowledges the diversity within VET systems across and beyond Europe, viewing this variety as an asset that reflects the rich tapestry of cultural diversity. Despite shared challenges across economic and social landscapes, VET curricula vary significantly from one country to another, influenced by distinct institutional and cultural traditions.

In response, “Design Together” seeks to equip VET educators with innovative teaching and learning methodologies. These strategies are designed to adapt VET curricula to the dynamic requirements of the labor market and the evolving needs of students, thereby ensuring that VET programs remain relevant, flexible, and responsive.

Enhancing Cooperation between Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa

A core objective of “Design Together” is to strengthen the bonds of cooperation between the VET sectors of Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. By fostering a genuinely European dimension in VET, characterized by shared values, cooperation, and inclusion, the project aims to contribute significantly to Europe’s resilience and recovery.

This objective is pursued through the promotion of intercultural dialogue and the enhancement of interactions among individuals from diverse backgrounds. By facilitating exchanges and study visits, “Design Together” aims to overcome geographical and cultural distances, highlighting the value of diversity and shared learning. This approach not only enriches the VET sector but also contributes to a more interconnected and understanding global community.

Adapting to Digital and Market Changes

In an era marked by rapid technological advancement and shifting job requirements, “Design Together” is committed to ensuring that VET curricula keep pace with these changes. By integrating digital skills and adapting to market needs, the project aims to enhance the employability of VET learners, ensuring they possess the competencies most sought after in the modern workplace.